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ETCHR Professional Black Drawing Pens

$ 50.00
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These fadeproof and waterproof felt tip pens are designed to be permanent so when you write your ideas into your Idea Notebook will last. ETCHR’s professional black pens are so lightfast and fadeproof their pigmented ink will remain dark and bold for years.

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About The Product

ETCHR's Fineliner pen set is designed to withstand time. Their age and fade-resistant ink will stay bold and beautiful for years to come making them ideal for innovators and writers!

Not only are ETCHR Fine Liner Pens crafted specifically to outlast other pens, but their waterproof ink gives you the freedom to explore new opportunities and combinations to capture your ideas.

With a variety of pen nib sizes, you have the flexibility to capture your ideas as you need to. Each micro pen is highly pigmented, making your line work much more visually prominent compared to other pen inks out there. These professional graphic pens are designed to impress even the best!


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