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Welcome to Innovation Tools where you find just the right tool to innovate ideas that lead to breakthrough innovations.

This store is (will) offer the best tools used by leading teams to create game-changing innovations. These types of tools will include:

  • Books
  • Audio Courses
  • Video Courses
  • Workshop Aids (team building tools and exercises)
  • Innovation Supplies used in Workshops and Brainstorming Sessions
  • Personal Idea Notebooks
  • Software Tools 
  • Hosted / Contracted Workshops
  • Innovation Coaching to help teams achieve their innovation objective

About Phil McKinney

This store was created and is curated by Phil McKinney. The items in this store are ones that were used by teams to create products and services that you are most likely use on a daily basis. Phil is an award winning innovator of technologies and products used by 100’s of millions of consumers and businesses worldwide.  

Phil is the founder and host to the award winning Killer Innovations™ podcast which is now a nationally syndicated talk radio show (Sundays 5:00PM east – 2:00PM west) on the BizTalk Radio Network.

He retired in late 2011 from Hewlett-Packard (NYSE: HPQ) as the vice president and chief  technology officer of the $40 billion (FY12) Personal Systems Group at HP where he also oversaw the global Innovation Office.

Phil released his first book on innovation and personal creativity titled Beyond The Obvious, in early 2012 (published by Hyperion). The book presents his rule-breaking approach to  harness the power of innovation. The book is available in hardcover, digital and audio formats. The book is available in Chinese, Portuguese (Brazil), Korean and Japanese.

His influence on innovation and creativity includes:

  • Leading the team named as one of the “Most Creative” by FastCompany and BusinessWeek.
  • Recipient of multiple “product of the year” awards covering a wide range of industries and technologies
  • Sharing his expertise in innovation and creativity, free of charge (in an approach he refers to as “paying it forward”) through his award winning podcast Killer Innovations™ (available on iTunes). CIO Insight calls it a “must listen” podcast.
  • Vanity Fair named him the “The Innovation Guru”
  • MSNBC and FOX Business both call him “The Gadget Guy”
  • His uncanny ability to predict what’s coming next caused him to be dubbed as the “chief seer” by The San Jose Mercury News.
  • He was named as one of the “25 Most Influential People in Mobile Tech” by LAPTOP Magazine.
    For more information on Phil, visit his blog at philmckinney.com.



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