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Innovation Program Office (IPO)

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The Innovation Program Office (IPO) is a structure that effectively manages the innovation lifecycle from ideation to productization. Our team works with your organization to establish, structure, and customize the IPO.

Based on the IPO used by HP. Created by Phil McKinney. (Harvard Case Study)


About This Worksop

The “Innovation Program Office” (IPO) is an effective tool that applies to any organization looking to integrate innovation as a discriminator… a foundational element for success. See our recent show on the IPO.

The role takes on many forms but the primary focus for the “IPO” is establishing the innovation framework, governance, metrics, idea generation, funnel management, securing the funding, project selection, and tracking, and training and supporting the teams as they innovate.

Why is an Innovation Program Office (IPO) so vital?

  1. It supports corporate/organization-wide strategy setting & priorities. 
  2. Ensures you have a well-managed & functioning innovation lifecycle engine
  3. Keeps enterprise plans living and focused 
  4. Promotes premium growth  
  5. Enables rapid alignment to take advantage of market forces

Workshop Logistics: 

  • Length: 1 Month Engagement
  • Location: At your facility and virtual