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Innovation Readiness Assessment

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The Innovation Readiness Assessment takes a comprehensive look at your organization's current state of innovation readiness against the 7 Laws of Innovation.

This assessment includes comparing you against your peers and delivering recommendations to achieve innovation success.


What is the Innovation Readiness Assessment?

The Innovation Readiness Assessment takes you through a series of diagnostic questions, analyses, and tests based on the 7 Immutable Laws of Innovation.  It also considers our FIRE (Focus, Ideation, Ranking, Execution) framework elements. 

This framework and process determine areas of strength and where your organization needs to optimize. To get it right, the assessment considers your unique organization, its business maturity stage, and the innovation lifecycle you are in. This results in practical actions being more effective.

After we synthesize all factors we then compare against others in the industry, similar organizations as well as organizations both larger and smaller across industries. By using your unique organization and a variety of data points from the ‘best in class to those experiencing growing pains in the trenches, you will gain a full suite of learnings that will enable you to be a leading innovation organization. 

This framework and process coupled with our innovation pedigree, cross-industry breadth, functional expertise, and experiences from startup to global 1000 companies provide your organization the highest degree of confidence you can succeed in the innovation economy.

Details of the Innovation Readiness Assessment

Length: 1 Month Engagement

Location: At your facility and virtual