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Phil McKinney
Keynote Speaker & Facilitator

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Phil McKinney is an author and award-winning innovator of technologies and products used by half-billion people worldwide each day.

Phil is a highly sought keynote speaker and innovation coach. As the retired CTO of Hewlett-Packard, he brings a unique real-world experience to his audience.


Phil McKinney is a highly sought keynote speaker and innovation coach. His engaging keynotes, speeches, and workshops dispel the myth that innovation and creativity is “gift”. His audiences leave his events with the confidence that they and their organization can radically improve their ability to innovate game-changing products and services.

A partial list of organizations that have had Phil keynote and/or facilitate a workshop include:

A partial list of companies and organizations that have contracted to have Phil McKinney deliver a keynote talk

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Phil McKinney's Biography

Phil McKinney is an award-winning innovator of technologies and products used by millions of consumers and businesses worldwide.  He shares his rule-breaking approach to innovation and creativity in his book, “Beyond The Obvious“, published by Hyperion. The book is available in hardcover, digital and audio formats in English, Chinese, Portuguese (Brazil), Korean and Japanese.

Phil is also the founder and host of the award-winning Killer Innovations™ podcast.

He has been credited with forming and leading multiple teams that FastCompany and BusinessWeek list as one of the “50 Most Innovative”.

His recognition includes Vanity Fair naming him the “The Innovation Guru”, MSNBC and Fox Business calling him “The Gadget Guy” and the San Jose Mercury News dubbing him the “chief seer”.

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Speaking/Workshop Topics

While the following is a list of common topics that Phil talks about, each of his events is customized to the topic, audience, and organization's objectives.  Custom topics/workshops/experiences can also be created to fit the needs of the event.

7 Immutable Laws of Innovation – Phil has discovered a set of laws by trial and error over the years of being in the innovation space.  Needless to say, he has the scars from the school of hard knocks to validate that these are the set of laws that are critical for innovation success. If you violate any one of them, the consequences can be disastrous.  These laws apply to all sizes of organizations ranging from well-established multinationals to early-stage start-ups to governments.

This session will answer:

• What are the characteristics of organizations and teams that are highly innovative?
• What elements of culture create a unique competitive advantage?
• How do you transform an organization to be highly innovative?
• How can you create incentives that motivate teams to be more innovative?
• What are ways to communicate the innovation vision (e.g. strategic storytelling)?
• How do you go from idea to award-winning innovation?

Duration options: 1-hour talk or 3-hour workshop

Building A Culture of Innovation – Phil has built highly effective innovation teams from scratch based on creating a culture of innovation.  Foundational to creating this culture is helping organizations codify what he calls “core attributes”.  Core attributes are those attributes an organization holds as the foundation on which it performs work and conducts itself.  Done well, they are empowering to an organization. Done poorly, and the innovation culture will fail.

This session will answer:

• How do you uncover the state of your innovation culture?
• How do you get comfortable with a culture that is based on risk?
• Why is candor an important attribute of innovation culture?
• How can you model empowerment so that others take action?

Duration options: 1-hour talk or half/full-day team building workshop

Innovation Boot Camp – There is a lot of innovation gurus who are out touting their specific approach to innovating yet most have never actually created an innovation. Phil on the other hand has walked the talk and it’s this real-world experience that Phil shares in his workshops. His approach is to keep it simple so that an individual or organization can achieve its innovation objectives. This workshop (Boot Camp) creates a “beginning-to-end experience” of going from discovering a game-changing idea to pitching it to key decision-makers. The objective is to build confidence that the participants can go back to their teams and apply what they learned.

This session will answer:

• How do you discover the level of innovation culture you have?
• What are the six myths of innovation?
• How can neutralize the innovation antibodies?
• Why are questions so powerful a tool for innovation?
• How do define where to focus your innovation efforts?
• What are the best methods to find more and better ideas?
• How do you prioritize which ideas to work on?
• How do you go from idea to award-winning innovation?

Duration options: 3 days or 5-day workshop